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Chartered Accountants in Birmingham

The Chartered Accountants at Ken Bell do more than simply file your taxes for you. They provide a slew of timely and valuable services that help your SME optimise its operations, reduce its tax exposure and find a viable way forward through the regulatory maze. If your goal is to improve the efficiency of your business while ensuring compliance and maintaining good relations with HMRC it’s time to contact Ken Bell Chartered Accountants in Birmingham and have a chat.


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Our Services

Our Chartered Accountants have many years of experience providing timely services and actionable advice to business owners in Birmingham and beyond including, but not limited to:

Financial Management Advice

Success depends in no small part on the quality of your financial management. Our Chartered Accountants ensure the accuracy and reliability of yours so that you can create reliable forecasts and dependable budgets.

Taxation and Regulatory Compliance

We help you develop tax strategies that reduce your exposure wherever possible and ensure good relations with HMRC. We’ll also help ensure you stay compliant with the ever-growing maze of government regulations.

Strategic Planning

Business planning, financial analysis, risk analysis and more are all part of our strategic planning services that will help ensure your business knows where it’s going and how it’s going to get there.

Operational Advice

Many SMEs would be more successful if they made a more concerted effort at integrating existing and emerging technologies into their operations. Our Chartered Accountants can show you how technologies such as Xero can help you achieve greater overall efficiency.

Help With Crisis Management

Most firms face a crisis at some point in their existence. Whether they emerge to fight another day is often a matter of the quality of crisis management advice they receive. Our experienced Chartered Accountants can help ailing businesses return to a state of financial health.

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Find out more about how the Chartered Accountants at Ken Bell Accounting can help your business increase its efficiency, reduce its tax exposure and improve its profitability by calling 01299 829515 or writing to

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