Chartered Accountants in West Bromwich

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Chartered Accountants in West Bromwich

Ken Bell have more than 20 years of experience providing expert accounting services to SMEs in West Bromwich and throughout the West Midlands. We help new businesses as well as well-established companies operate with greater confidence and efficiency by way of timely advice and the use of state-of-the-art technologies such as Xero. If you want someone to do more than file your taxes get in touch with Ken Bell Accounting today.


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Our Services

Ken Bell Chartered Accountants provide a wide range of valuable services to SMEs including but not limited to:

Financial Management and Planning

Including bookkeeping and accounting to ensure you maintain accurate financial records, budgeting and forecasting that helps you plan for future growth and financial analysis that can identify trends in your company’s financial situation.

Taxation and Compliance

Including help developing tax strategies that limit your tax exposure, timely filing of tax returns that ensure you stay compliant with current tax laws, auditing services that ensure the accuracy of your financial records and compliance with myriad local and national regulations.

Strategic Advice

Including expert business planning and financial analysis, risk analysis and management that steers your company clear of common pitfalls as well as investment advice and strategies that will help you mitigate risk.

Operational Advice

Including integration of technologies that can help your business run more efficiently and cost management analysis that will help your business identify areas where savings can be achieved and profits improved without a loss of quality.

Crisis Management Advice

If your enterprise is facing a period of financial distress our Chartered Accountants can provide expert advice on restructuring, help you develop a turnaround strategy and liaise with creditors to help stabilise your situation and facilitate a return to health.

By leveraging their extensive training and expertise the Chartered Accounts at Ken Bell can provide comprehensive support that helps your small business secure its financial position, formulate a viable growth plan and avoid compliance pitfalls.

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To learn more about how Ken Bell Chartered Accountants can help your West Bromwich business get in touch by calling 01299 829515 or write to

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